Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whole Grains : 4 - Sprouted Grain Puttu

I know the name sounds like a combination of latest health fad and traditional favorite. It sounds so because it is so :)) Anyways, this is my mom's recipe. The procedure seems long but its not tedious. But if you make enough of it, should last a while. Well, I don't mind waiting long time if it is so good for health. Especially, if its four different grains which are sprouted should be healthy for your body.
The four different grains she used in this recipe are : Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, Wheat. All the four grains are taken in equal proportions soaked overnight and sprouted till the shoots show off but not long enough. In India there is enough of sunshine to dry off the sprouted grains, But here, I usually use a dehydrator to dry or spread the grains on cookie sheets and place them in a oven and set at its lowest temperature. It would normally be 170 f or 200 f . Keep stirring once in a while to prevent the grain from burning on one side. It might take around 12 hrs, But don't worry it doesn't use up a lot of electricity. Once the grains are dry, you can store them in a air tight container and just run enough grains in a mixer or blender to make puttu every time you do it or you can make flour all at one time and freeze the flour or else it might get rancid quickly. My mom made this primarily as my son's weaning food, last year. But we eventually ended up using for all of us , because it is so healthy.

4 - Sprouted Grain Puttu with coconut and Rapadura

You can use this 4 sprouted grain flour to make a thin porridge like Ragi Malt by Indira of Mahanandi or into Puttu by Priya of Priya's Kitchen. Also you can add or omit any grain and use any proportions. Just use your imagination to make different combinations of grains. I one time used spelt and rye instead of wheat. I usually make a lot of flour ahead and freeze it in ziploc bags. Then I just use the flour straight from the freezer. Also I never tried eating puttu with kadala curry, the way Keralites eat. But while growing up, I was used to the sweet version of puttu with jagery and coconut. Now I add Rapadura by Rapunzel , which is nothing but jagery in powder form but organic. My husband usually likes to eat it with milk like a cereal, but me and my tot like to eat it just like that with little ghee.

Be Nourished!!!


Pravs said...

So nutritious indeed ! Do we get rye in India? I have become a fan of rye now a days. Make roti with it.

Laavanya said...

How wholeseome and healthy Swaroopa. I love puttu and usually use brown rice flour or whole wheat to make it.

Happy cook said...

I love puttu especially with curry but never has with whole grains.
Looks delicious and healthy

Padmaja said...

Quite a unique recipe swaroopa!! Love that puttu

Rebekka said...

Oh, I love your blog so much!


S said...

Swaroopa! What a great blog! I'm always looking for new flavor
combinations and yours looks like a winner. :)

Got a question about your Jowar Vada soaking in the blender overnight:
Are you soaking flour or the whole grains? I buy my stuff whole, so I
could go either way. Also, peanuts are off of our menu, so what
alternative oil would you suggest using that would maintain the most
authentic taste possible, given the limitation?

This looks like something I could sell to my Hobbits...


Nicole said...

I second that! My fiance is Fijian-Indian so we eat our fair share of
Indian food. He does all of the Indian cooking, I do most everything
else. The only thing I do are the ferments as that is my domain.

He made one of the best curries we have ever had this past weekend with
some pheasants he had shot that week. The problem with curries is
there are never any bones left for stock when we are done with our
meal - just a pile of shreds! The pheasant bones were so incredible
strong - you can tell they weren't raised in captivity

I can't wait to show him your blog. A lot of the recipes he has been
handed down have been corrupted by white flour and other bad stuff so I
am sure he will love your ideas.

Kajal said...

This is very healthy and new dish for me. Especially I like this type of healthy and traditional dish in winter. I love your post but one question can wheat grains are sprouted in one night? I will surely try your delicious dish.:)

Swaroopa said...

pravs : I am not sure if u get rye in India. sorry i could not help.

Kajal : U need a least one day and night to sprout the wheat grains, if its colder then u might need more time.

sagari said...

i have'nt tryed making puttu this is very new to me and it looks delecioussss have to try it

easycrafts said...

It is a completely new type of puttu..thanks for sharing for the wonderful dish

Shankari said...

You have a very unique and interesting blog!

Seena said...

We too make cereal with these grains but not sprouted, this looks interesting..and very healthy too..

Bharathy said...

I am a fan of puttu..coz its healthy and steamed stuff..
This is very nutritious and more intersting,Swaroopa..:)

Kelly Mahoney said...

What an interesting idea. I'm trying to eat more whole grains as well.

Seema said...

Wholesome & healthy way to have Puttu! Looks great.

Vanamala said...

Hi swaroopa,

Nice blog. First time
and thanks for leaving the comment in my blog.

Well yours is nutritious grains recipes. I liked it.

Rina said...

This is cool Swaroopa.. Pittu with sprouts and grains.. can't ask for anything more healthy.

Cynthia said...

Swaroopa, I have to thank you most sincerely for taking a topic that can turn scientific and have me glossy-eyed, into something that I can read through once and understand clearly. This is great info and I am better informed. Thanks again!

And my heartfelt thanks for visiting my blog and helping me to discover yours. Look what I would have missed or be missing!

Looking forward to seeing you around.

Raaga said...

that looks lovely... have never eaten let alone made puttu!

Raaga said...

that looks lovely... have never eaten let alone made puttu!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kannan said...

Nice post.