Friday, July 22, 2011

My Vegetable Garden

I sure had problem reconnecting with blogosphere. Thanks to Roma of Town Square. Hopefully I'll be able to make up for the lost time. Thought some of you might be interested in seeing some of my vegetable garden pictures. Here are some of them.

Ridge Gourd ( Turai, Beerakaya ) lots of male flowers at this point.

Lemon cuke ( dosakaya )

Bottle Gourd ( Kaddu, Anapakaya )

Chile peppers ( Mirchi, mirapakaya )

Ivy gourd plant ( tindora, dondakaya ), just got it from a dear lady in NJ.

Baby Cucumber ( Keera )

Water Melon ( puchakaya )

Okra ( bhindi, bendakaya )

Brinjal( Vankaya )

Got few other vegetables like karela, snake gourd, chikkudukaya, corn, tomatoes, onions, carrots beets, methi etc. will post them once they start producing any fruit.


Roma said...

hey! Thanks to you too.

Really Nice garden fresh veggies!!

Now Serving said...

BEAUTIFUL like eye-candy :) I have my own veggie patch this year and i tell you, cooking from my own garden has been THE most incredible experience :) Enjoy your veggies swaroopa :) Cheers, Priya

Swaroopa said...

Thank you Roma ans Priya :)

Nithu said...

Your garden looks wonderful. I wish I have some space to grow a nice garden.

kitchen queen said...

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wheresurtreasure said...

Great Blog! Found this VIA the Ha-Ha Forum. I love to attempt to cook Indian and your pictures are just lovely!

mr hamilton said...

Excellent garden! Your garden is a perfect garden for a vegetarian person like me. How I wish I was there. :) said...

hii.. Nice Post

Thanks for sharing

Valentine Day SMS said...

it is such a very beautiful vegetable garden. wow, you do need to go market for vegetable.

baby products said...

Nice garden fresh vegetables..

Thanks for Sharing!!!